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God's Perfect Timing

I had been thinking and planning on moving to Texas for a while. I decided that I would go in October 2020. Then some things began to happen that made me even more sure that moving was God's will for me. Before I knew it, the date was set, moving at the end of July for an August 1st move-in date. Things were shaky, scary even though I had faith. I asked my boss for something specific, he gave it to me. I needed a place in the Dallas suburbs. I picked one that seemed smaller than the others because the kitchen seemed more normal or closer to what I am used to. Was given a bigger price than I wanted but than the manager came back with a much much smaller monthly amount. Yeah, I can afford that. Moving was hectic, I won't go into that now. I get here and it's barely two weeks when I get a call that I need to get my grandsons. What??? My kids are grown, it's supposed to be my time. But, there is no way I'm not getting them. My time will come, they need me. They will be loved and secure. I say God's timing is perfect because I didn't plan to move when I did. But God knew, I would have the space needed and be settled enough to get the boys at this time. I picked the apartment because of the kitchen but it is actually directly across the street from an award-winning elementary school, who knew? Yes, God knew. I can literally walk to major stores for anything needed. Note that some things you go through aren't about you or for you. It's for someone else. But it always works for your good when you trust and wait on God. I could not have planned this. It was in the mind of God. And when I followed his lead, no matter how scary it was, he worked all things out for good. Jer 29:11

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